Jonghee Shadix

Korean Interpreter Birmingham, Alabama

Biographical Info

Jonghee Shadix, MA-TESOL, RN-BSN was born in Korea and educated up to the University level in Korea; lived in Saudi Arabia for 15 years working as a registered nurse for one year in the Maternity and Children’s Hospita, a Saudi Government hospital; and worked as a substitute teacher for American elementary and middle school in the areas of the School Nurse, music teacher, and general academic teacher; Acupuncturist and Aromatherapist; have been living in the United states since 1996 up to now by getting a BSN from UAB School of Nursing; MA-TESOL from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa; Working as an English Pronunciation Instructor at the Professional Development Program in the UAB Graduate School for 15 years; and English Instructor at INTO UAB, the English instructional facility for the ESL population for 4 years; Korean-English interpreter/translator since 2016. Currently I am in the final process of publishing my English Pronunciation Textbook for International Speakers of English.

Curriculum Vitae

Jonghee Shadix
Korean Interpreter & Translator, MA-TESO, RN-BSN
629 Green Springs Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35205

Jan 14, 2021

Medical Interpreter & Translator—Working as a freelancer contractor for the following interpreting companies in the fields of medical, educational, and community interpretations:
– M&N Language Service Services (at UAB & St Vincent Hosp)—Since June 2017

– Children’s of Alabama hospital, Birmingham, AL, since June 2017.

– Deep South Language Services, Montgomery, AL—Since April 2019

– Foreign Language Services (FLS), Huntsville, AL—Since August 2019

Professional Training/Certifications/Services in Relation to Interpreter Jobs

– IEP/IFSP Bootcamp, Intensive 8-hr workshop in educational setting, 7/27/2019

– Webinar: Interpreting 101: Skill Building and Ethics for Interpreters:
A 15-hour skill building training for interpreters, bilingual staff, and community members for both beginning and experienced interpreters, which includes 4 evening webinars and one full day workshop– April 9, 2019 at 5:30 PM CDT to Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 4:00 PM CDT—offered by Deep South Language Services, Montgomery, AL

– Consecutive Intensive Workshop— offered by Interpreters and Translators Association of Alabama (ITAA), Deep South Language Services (DSLS), and M&N Language Services–May 4 (8am – 4pm) and 5, 2019 (8am – 4pm)

– Certification of Competence in Language Interpreting English-Korean by Language—Certified by Language Line Solutions company, June 2017.

– Orientation Seminar for Foreign Language Court Interpreters given by The Administration Office of Courts and The Alabama Foreign Language Interpreter Program—October 26, 2018.

– Court Interpreter, 1 week, May, 2008
At the Birmingham Supreme Court– At the request of Korean Embassy at Washington DC–for the Supreme Court judges of South Korea for their education of Jury system in the Alabama Supreme Court.

– Medical Interpreter and translator, Asian Winter Games, South Korea, 2 weeks, 1999

Teaching Experiences and Related Services

Instructor, INTO University of Alabama at Birmingham English Language Program, May 2013 to April 30, 2017, teaching Pronunciation, Speaking and Listening, Reading, Integrated Skills, Corporate Training, Tutoring at the Language Recourses Center

Instructor, Professional Development Program, UAB Graduate School
Teaching Oral Communication, Pronunciation and Intelligibility, since May 2002 to August 2015

Instructor, Pronunciation and Intelligibility Workshop for International Teaching Assistants, since 2006 to August 2016

Rater, Oral Proficiency Interview Testing and Ratings, 2006 to 2015
UAB Graduate School

Instructor, English Language Institute, UAB, teaching Pronunciation and Accent Training; Speaking and Listening; TOEFL Prep, since May 2013 to April 2017

Instructor, Academic Writing EH 101 and EH 102, 2001-3
As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Alabama

Instructor, English Grammar, 2003
As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, English language Institute,
University of Alabama

Invited Contributor, English Pronunciation Stories, Online News Paper, South Korea, since June 2014 to April, 2015


-MA-TESOL, University of Alabama, August 2001 to May 2003

-BSN (Honor), School of Nursing, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1996-8

– National Medical Center School of Nursing, Seoul, South Korea 1971-1974

Other Related Education

English, Major, Professional Writing and Public Discourse,
Department of English, UAB,

Voice, Minor, Department of Music, UAB, Spring, 2013

Japanese, Minor, Department of Foreign Languages, UAB, 2011

Chinese 101, Department of Foreign Language, UAB, 2011

GRD 729 Writing a Journal Article in 12 Weeks, Fall 2014
EESL 647 Instructing and Assessing, Fall 2014
THR 203 Intermediate Voice, Department of Theater, UAB, 2010
THR 202 Beginning Voice, Department of Theater, UAB, 2009
THR 217 Movements for Actors, Department of Theater, UAB, 2007
THR 154 Beginning Acting, Department of Theater, UAB, 2006
THR 203 Intermediate Voice, Department of Theater, UAB, 2005
THR 202 Beginning Voice, Department of Theater, UAB, 2004
CM 101 Public Speaking, Department of Communications, UAB, 2007

SPA 102 Intermediate Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages, UAB, 1997

SPA 101 Intro to Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages, UAB, 1996

Professional Training Related to Pronunciation and Intelligibility

Voice, Speech, and Movement Training for Actors, 2007
Summer Intensive Workshop (4 weeks), Lessac Institute

Voice, Speech, and Movement Training for Actors, 2006
Summer Intensive Workshop (4 weeks), Lessac Institute

Voice, Speech, and Body, Introductory Training (1 week), 2005
Lessac Institute

Lessac Voice, Speech, and Movement Training, Spring 2005
Department of Theater, UAB (THR 203, Intermediate Voice)

Lessac Voice, Speech, and Movement Training, Fall 2004
Department of Theater, UAB (THR 202, Beginning Voice)

Instructor Training, American Accent Training, 2006

Acoustic Training Workshop on Visi-Pitch, Kay Pentax, 2005
For Real-time display of computerized language lab

Compton Accent Modification, Instructor Training, 2004
Compton Speech and Language Institute

Compton Accent Modification Training (as a student), 2003

Other Experiences

Registered nurse, Veterans Medical Center, 1999
Birmingham, AL

Registered nurse, Maternity and Children’s Hospital, 1976-7
(Sent by Korean Government to Saudi Government), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Registered nurse, National Medical Center, 1974-6
Seoul, Korea

Court Interpreter, 1 week, May, 2008
At the Birmingham Supreme Court, at the request of the government of the Republic of Korea for the Supreme Court judges of the Korea for their education of Jury system in the Alabama Supreme Court

Medical Interpreter and translator, Asian Winter Games, Korea, 2 weeks, 1999

Instructor, Korean Language, 2009 -2012
Korean School, Birmingham Korean Presbyterian Church

Conference Proceedings

AAAL 2010 The Influence of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Paper presentation Writing Systems on Students’ English Pronunciation
and Classroom Behaviors

SE-TESOL 2008 New Ideas for Teaching Pronunciation:
Pre-Conventional Institute The Lessac Method for Clear Pronunciation

SE-TESOL 2008 The Influence of Writing Systems Paper presentation on English Pronunciation

KOTESOL 2007 Lessac Consonant Orchestra and Structural Vowels Workshop for Intelligibility

Paper presentation The Influence of Korean Phonology on English Pronunciation

AMTESOL, 2007 The Lessac Method for Intelligibility: Workshop Consonant Orchestra, Structural Vowels, and Resonance

KATE, 2004 A variance of T and D Pronunciation in Korean
(Korean Association of English
Teachers of English

Invited Presentations at UAB

EESL Phonology Class -My Story: ESL Pronunciation Teaching
Dr. Susan Spezinni, -My Story: What I do, Why I do, and How I do
Department of Education -Why Lessac for English Pronunciation Teaching
2005 to 2011

FYI Series -I speak English: why don’t they understand me?
Stacie Thompson, -The secrets to clear pronunciation
International -What English sounds might feel like in the speaker’s body
Recruitment Retention -Your English pronunciation might cost your job someday
2008 to 2012

EventBrite Workshop -Strategies for Clear Speaking
April 1, 2014

EventBrite Workshops Scheduled for the Fall 2014
October 8, 2014: A Strategy for Clear Speaking: Reduce the Language Gap
November 12, 2014: Expression of Emotions Through Intonation
November 19, 2014: Opening and Closing Conversation/Email Communication

Invited Pronunciation & Intelligibility Workshops, Overseas

-Ehwa Women’s University, Seoul, Korea, 2006

-Yeonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 2007

-Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejun, Korea, 2017

Presentations, Annual Workshops, 2008-2010
Professional Development Program, UAB Graduate School

-Students’ Perception on Instructors’ Accented Speech, 2010

-A Pain in the Neck: Voice Matters for Teachers, 2009

-The Influence of Writing Systems on English Pronunciation Learning, 2008
(An Action Research)


KOTESOL Seoul Influence of the Korean language in Newsletter, Invited Pronunciation learning (Condensed)

A textbook tentatively titled as “English Pronunciation and Intelligibility Training for Professionals,” which is in the final stage of editing and revising before publishing

Professional Organizations

-ITAA (Interpreters and Translators Association of Alabama
-AAAL (American Association of Applied Linguistics)
-TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
-AAIE (Alabama Association of International Educators)
-Lessac Institute and Research and Training (for Voice, Speech and Movements)


-Korean (Native)

-English (Primary)

-Japanese (Minored at UAB)

-Spanish (Nearly 2 semesters at UAB)

-Chinese (CH 101 at UAB)

-Arabic (By living in the Middle-East for 15 years)

-French, Italian and German diction in the Diction class at the
UAB Department of Music as an elected course to satisfy the
requirement as a music minor)
-Hebrew—currently learning

Honor Societies

-Phi Cappa Phi (By invitation. For performing top 5% of the academic
performances in the Under-graduate studies in the United States)

-Golden Key International Honor Society

-Signa Tau Delta (English)

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