Maria Baker

Spanish Interpreter Nationally Certified Medical Interpreter-Spanish, Nationally Certified Healthcare InterpreterMadison, Alabama
Cell Phone: 256.361.6103

Biographical Info

Maria Baker is a language instructor, medical interpreter, and translator. She obtained her B.A. in TESOL in Santa Fe, Argentina, and her M.A in Spanish and TESOL from West Virginia University. She has several years of experience as a translator, and became an interpreter 4 years ago. While working as a staff interpreter, she mentored and oriented other interpreters through workshops about the interpreting profession. She is currently a freelance medical interpreter and translator, and a member of the IMIA Education Committee.

A native of Argentina, Maria Baker completed her M.A. in Spanish and TESOL at West Virginia University in 2013. That same year, she began working as a medical and community interpreter and translator, and became enthusiastic about interpreting and interpreter education. In 2014, she accepted a position as lead medical interpreter, serving healthcare facilities in North Alabama. She became a CMI in 2015, and has continued to work to expand access to language services in healthcare facilities, and to raise awareness of LEP patients’ right to these services. Maria has conducted education for healthcare providers to work with interpreters, and participated in planning and delivering company-sponsored workshops for interpreters.

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